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Tag Line


“You Get What You Focus On”


What to Expect

Knowing where you are, where you are going and how you will get there puts businesses in a place where they can succeed.

Don't know where to start?

For most of our new clients we recommend a company review.  One of our top consultants will spend a day and a half with you, and your key management personnel, to review your company’s current situation and to make recommendations on what we can do to help you.  The consultant will provide a detailed plan of what we can do for your business.  Whether you proceed or not is totally up to you.  If you want to proceed with part of it, all of it or none of it is your decision.  If you do not see value on a daily basis you can cancel the engagement.  There is no contract and the only commitment we expect from you is that you work with us to carry out the agreed upon recommendations and action steps.

Some of the specific focused outcomes you can look forward to when working with Focused Management Services:

  • Formal Strategy and Business Growth Plan - most important is the process of focused creation with business owners and clear action items set up for follow through
  • Streamlined and succinct Financial Statements produced from your accounting system
  • Financial Modeling and Three Year Profit Growth Projection
  • Step-by-step action items to reach new profitability levels:

    Financial Projections, including detail Sales Projections
    Cash Flow Plan and Forecast - operational and capital; short and long-term
    Organizational Review and Development Plan - Organizational Charting for best performance-based structure to maximize the effectiveness of your employees
  • Achievable Performance Metrics for on-going monitoring AND improvement of organization productivity
  • Employee Incentive Plans – proven to drive employee desired behaviors and move companies to the next growth level based on performance metrics
  • Meeting the established Financial Projections including increased Profit